How to Get Followers on Pinterest – Engaged followers, that is! - A Pinterest 101 (part 3)

How to Get Followers on Pinterest – Engaged followers, that is!

As people begin again to curate a feed of Pins from Pinners they love, and their engagement becomes a factor in your success, make sure you can be found by Pinners who will engage with your Pins and become a Pinner that Pinners love to engage with! Here’s how.

Attract Followers with Your Pinterest Profile

Have you ever searched Pinterest for people instead of individual Pins? Give it a try! Go to the search bar and enter a phrase, such as “public speaking,” and then filter by “People.”
Search for People on Pinterest
What do you see? Most of the people featured include the phrase, “public speaking” in their business name. Think about which one phrase is most important for you and include that in your business name. Hover over your avatar in the upper-right corner on Pinterest and click on Settings > Profile to change.
You can bet more people will use this feature as they start to curate a feed they love.
The next thing you’ll check out as you’re evaluating potential “public speaking” Pinners to follow will be their profile description or “About You” section. You’ll be looking for reassurance that yes, they will be Pinning about public speaking. Further, you’d probably be more likely to follow if they can provide some information about why they are a trusted resource. So, in looking at your “About You” section, do you reiterate what you Pin and why I should be confident in your expertise in this area? If not, go to Settings > Profile and make a change. I’m going to change mine now. 🙂
Your Showcase or Featured Boards should also accurately depict what you Pin and what you want people to know about you first. For my account, I feature two boards – my board with all the articles I have written and my Promoted Pins board. These are the two boards that best represent what I do. If yours don’t do that, change yours here.
You can also rearrange your boards on your profile to put the most important and relevant at the top.

Attract Pinterest Followers with Your Boards.

Pinners can also filter search results by boards. Especially as we want more and more control over our Following Feed, many will opt to follow individual boards rather than entire accounts. Why? Well, a Pinner may have a really great board on “public speaking,” but also Pin funny memes that I don’t need to see in my feed. Who am I kidding? Who doesn’t like funny memes? But you get my point. 🙂
Search for boards on Pinterest
Make sure to use relevant keywords in your board titles and descriptions. And make sure what is Pinned to the boards is relevant. In theory, would a person finding your board want to Pin every Pin on your Public Speaking board to their own? PS – Don’t ever do that – it’s very bad form to “steal” a curated board Pin by Pin. Instead, build up your boards thoughtfully and over time, creating a unique resource worth following.

Attract Followers with Every Pin

A Pinterest Pin showing the Pinner
Most of the activity on Pinterest happens in search. Use search behavior to get more followers, too!
Every Pin you share is a reflection of you as a Pinner. So, aim for quality over quantity. Looking at a Pin closeup here, we can see that Sandra Roggow saved this Pin to her Public Speaking board.
If I really like her Pin, I might check out her profile, or her board. If I follow her, Sandra has a new follower who is likely to engage with her Pins, which, as you’ll recall, sends Pinterest a signal to share that Pin out more.
This may or may not be a Pin from Sandra’s site. If it doesn’t, our following and engaging  doesn’t give her more website traffic directly, BUT, it does mean we are now going to see Pins of her OWN content that end up on that board as well. That’s where the traffic comes in.
So, make sure you are only Pinning great content and spend some time on the descriptions and hashtags. Is it OK to change a Pin description, though? Sure it is! A well-written description will get more exposure for this Pin, more engagement, leading to more traffic for the content author.
When it comes to your own Pins, create beautiful, actionable Pins that inspire engagement. As you and others share them, Pinners will get to your website where they should find many other opportunities to follow you.
While there are many ways to grow your Pinterest followers, what you Pin and when may be the most important. As Pinterest says,
We’ll do most of the work for you by recommending you as someone to follow for Pinners interested in your content….. Consistent, daily activity is better than a once a week flurry. We suggest saving 10-12 Pins per day, instead of 70 Pins once a week.
But no one really has time to figure out the best times to Pin to reach your followers when they’re likely to engage – or to be online to Pin manually at those times! That’s part of the reason why over 100 thousand Pinners count on Tailwind to do it for them. The Smartschedule does just that – analyzes your Pins and followers and suggests the best times to Pin. Once your schedule is created, just schedule your Pins and Tailwind will add them in to your optimized time slots.  No credit card required!

Use Your Website to Get More Pinterest Followers

Pinterest follow widgetMake it easy! Add the Pinterest “Follow” button to your website. Your sidebar, header, or footer are great options as they make following from any page on your site a breeze.
Pinterest Profile Widget
Add the Profile widget to give people a preview of your Pinterest account right on your website – and an easy way to follow! This could go in your sidebar, footer, or on a contact page.
You can also use a mobile-friendly plugin such as MiloTree to encourage blog visitors to follow you. You can even use your custom colors and access powerful analytics.

The MiloTree plugin is an eye-catching, quick-loading, and customizable way to get more Pinterest followers.

(by Tailwind)

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