How to Create Beautiful Pinterest Pins - A Pinterest 101 (part 2)

How to Create Beautiful Pinterest Pins

(by Tailwind)

If you’ve spent any time on Pinterest, you know that it’s all about beautiful Pinterest Pins. If you’re like many Pinners, you’ve spent more time looking than you have adding your own original content.

It has been reported that up to 80% of the pins you see on Pinterest are repins. Given all of the beautiful images and useful information that can be found on Pinterest its easy to see why the percentage is so high. This means that only 20% are new Pins which is a fabulous opportunity to grow your blog or business.

Why you should add your own Pinterest Pins:

  • Build your brand
  • Create resources for your community
  • Gain search traction on one of the biggest search engines on the planet
  • Grow traffic to your website or blog
  • Sell your products or services
Two-thirds of all Pinned content is from a businesses website so make sure that you’re adding Pins to your website or blog to make your content shareable.

Pinterest’s preferred image aspect ratio is 2:3 or 1:2:8. The minimum width of a pin is 600 pixels and the maximum is 735 pixels. I’ve tested 600 x 900 pixels or 735 x 1102 pixels which are both 2:3 ratio and work great.Let’s start with the basic parameters for Pinterest Pins:
Pinterest says, “Pins are organized into columns, so vertical Pins take up more space and tend to stand out more. Don’t make Pins too long or they will get cut off. The ideal aspect ratio for a Pin is 2:3.”
Tall, vertical images look best on Pinterest so choose one of those sizes and be consistent. Collage images with multiple photos showing steps for a DIY how-to project or a recipe are helpful and people love to save them to their Pinterest boards.
This Pin is 564 x 1210 pixels. And it looks fantastic on desktop but the bottom of the image gets cut off on mobile.
Romantic Vacation pin examples
Here’s the mobile view with the bottom cut off while it isn’t essential for this Pinterest Pins, it could crop valuable branded information. Make informed decisions when you create your images to capture all your essential information.
Image cropped on mobile
This is what these Pins look like on Pinterest.
Pins on Pinterest
And below is a Tailwind blog image in 735 x 1102 pixels on mobile which shows all the information – on an IOS phone the image is 576 x 1024 pixels.
How to Create Beautiful Pinterest Pins

Inspire Pinners with your Pins

Pinterest is the ultimate wish list. People pin and repin things they like and want. So think of your Pinterest pins as your visual portfolio, and make your pins as appealing as possible. Remember that your goal is to be Pinned to someone’s hopes and dreams on their treasured Pinterest boards. It might seem like a tall order but with a few skills, you can create highly pinnable content.
A cautionary tale, in his former job at a marketing agency our director of Marketing once got hit with a $500 bill from Getty Images for inadvertently using one of their images on a blog post.
Make sure that you have permission to use any images that you find for your blog or your social media posts. If you can’t afford images, you can’t afford the fines that you could incur for using photos illegally. Luckily, there are many sites that you can find free images to use. Here are a two of my favorites:

Create a visual style for your Pins and stick to it

Part of your master plan for beautiful Pinterest images is designing a brand that people love and gravitate towards. Be consistent with these things:
  • Add your logo and/branding to images so people can recognize your Pins
  • Stick with a tight color palette with two or three main brand colors
  • Use the same fonts each time
  • Find a style of photos that fits your brand
From Pinterest, “75% of Pinterest usage takes place on a mobile device. Make sure that Pinning from your mobile site works well and that you have the Pin It button installed.” Make sure your images are mobile-friendly so people will be able to read the text on their phones. Pin your image and then check it on multiple devices to see if it’s looking good.

Pinterest search covers your description and also your image. Make sure to name each image using keywords for your article as well as using images that match your content.
Optimize your images for search

Pinterest’s new visual search scans the image and groups it with related images.
Add ALT text to each image on your blog for search

Examples of Beautiful Pinterest Pins

To create must-pin graphics, take some tips from these Pinterest visual ninjas. You’ll see from these Pinterest Pins examples, there’s no one right or wrong way. It’s all about creative expression and sharing your content in a way that fits what you’re talking about.
The Hej Doll travel and lifestyle blog, one of our Tailwind Takeoff Award winners, relies heavily on Pinterest traffic.  That’s why a 23% jump in followers and a 52% jump in Repins over the past 6 months has been huge for Jessica.  She puts her success on Pinterest down to quality photography and design, an all-day presence, consistency and testing.
This beautiful Pinterest Pin features a stunning photo with what to pack on a trip which is valuable information for her readers and highly pinnable.
Hej Doll travel and lifestyle blog - beautiful Pinterest Pin
Sarah Morgan of creates bright, easy-to-read and always on-brand Pinterest images.
Xo Sarah Pinterest images
This gorgeous Pin has been repinned over 8,000 times on Pinterest! You can tell this Pin is from Rebekah Radice with her signature orange branding. This article is from 2014 and it’s still getting repins today!
Rebekah says, ” A Pinterest image that gets shared is captivating, straightforward, and high-value.”
Rebekah Radice Beautiful Pinterest Pins
Even manly Pinterest Pins can be beautiful as shown by Jeff Sieh of the Manly Pinterest Tips podcast. Jeff uses a retro cool style to his Pins and they stand out in the smart feed garnering plenty of repins.
Jeff Sieh Manly Pinterest Tips - Beautiful Pinterest Pins
Ben Uyeda is another guy that’s creating fantastic Pins. Ben designs and builds gorgeous things on his blog Homemade ModernHis Pin design is uncluttered, how-to photos that people love! Ben was one of the Pinners chosen as an official Pinterest Ambassador.
Ben Eyeda Homemade Modern - Beautiful Pinterest Pins
I hope this inspires you to create your own beautiful Pinterest Pins and get more traffic for your blog. We’ve created a checklist for Pinterest success below – please repin or embed on your blog to create your own article. 
How to Create Beautiful Pinterest Pins

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